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Apprentices can now secure professional registration through a shortened application.

This application route recognises the knowledge, skills, behaviours, experience and full occupational competence, demonstrated through the completion of the apprenticeship.

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Become recognised as a Registered Scientist (RSci) or Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) to ignite & grow your career in the sciences.

Find out more about how the achievement of your apprenticeship can streamline your professional registration application.

Ignite your career

Training Providers

Deliver wider learning to apprentices through activities & resources on the benefits of professional body membership.

Support apprentices in securing positive post-apprenticeship destination through free, professional registration workshops.

Promote professional registration as a part of an apprentices’ career progression.

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Apprenticeships can meet the workforce needs for today & tomorrow, with employers up-skilling existing staff and nurturing new talent.

Access resources, activities and free workshops to consider how combining professional registration with apprenticeships, can deliver excellence in the workforce.

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The apprenticeship shortened application routes have been created to recognise the competence demonstrated by completing the apprenticeship, that align to the requirements of the registers.  This means its’ streamlined and quick to complete.

Resources are now available for apprentices, training providers and employers, to connect the achievement of an apprenticeship with professional registration.  The Science Council is focused on making the route accessible and easy to navigate, with multiple levels of support.

By engaging with professional bodies that are licensed to award registration, apprentices can enhance their learning experience, improve the impact they make within their organisation and fuel their career progression.